Types Of Engagement Rings

Engagement ring store

Any jeweler has to be adept at making a number of different engagement rings types to the customer. Customers are getting ever demanding and ever so creative with ring styles. Engagement ring stores have always noted that apart from customizing their own rings, there are also a variety of readymade designs that often appeal to a lot of buyers.


The Classic Types

Solitaire– This is the classic ring and most sought after. This is one stone, which is set in six, four or three prong setting and the star of the show here is the stone. Jewelers emphasize on how important it is to provide a brilliant cut diamond which will be held together by the by a prong setting so that the ring catches the maximum amount of light.

Three-stone– This type is popularly known as the trilogy and is also a popular choice. A lot of customers prefer the central to be larger with two smaller stones surrounding it. The setting depends a lot on the kind of cut chosen by the customer, round or something unusual as observed by most engagement ring stores.

Halo– This is a complicated design. That’s because of the number of stones that are required to create it. The name suggests that a central stone will be surrounded by a number of smaller stones like a halo. The smaller stones require an individual setting of their own and most jewelers find this a lengthy task.

Pavé– This is a ring that contains a number of small stones clustered together so that it looks like they have no setting at all. The stones are set all along the band and the larger stone is placed at the center. A solitaire diamond with this setting is for the exuberant and the luxurious and the work requires a lot of skill according to engagement ring stores.

The Luxurious Types

Double Halo– Round, oval or cushion cut stones are used for this design. As these cuts have soft edges they can make the double halo setting of smaller stones easier. Split bands are a regular feature in these rings as the piece is larger.

Bombe– This includes a large dome which has a stone at the center. Smaller gemstones surround the larger stone in geometric patterns or swirling ones. This is an Edwardian design.

Cluster– This too creates a luxurious statement when worn and contains a cluster of stones which together give the appearance of a huge solitaire. Engagement ring stores say that these rings usually have a slightly larger stone in the middle with the smaller stones clustering around it.


The Vintage Types

Art deco– In the late twenties angular gems, with clean lines were in vogue and the construction of such rings are very complex. And the central stone is usually a unique piece so it may be hard to find.

Edwardian– These are rings with softer edges. The garland style is its inspiration, and has a delicate and floral banding with oval settings.

Alternate Styles

Shaped Band– The present day jewelers are experimenting with not just the cut of the stones but also the bands. Engagement ring stores are now offering rings with triangular shaped bands to create something unique.

Cluster of the New Age– The difference lies in the fact that the cluster is not symmetrical. It may be offset, or include stones of different colors and sizes.