Sony’s PS4 Virtual Reality Headset – Project Morpheus

project morphus demo

In a Game Developers Conference presentation in San Francisco on March 18, Sony let the world know that they’re really into virtual reality. A headset display prototype dubbed Project Morpheus was revealed and its Sony’s new initiative to give the gaming industry a push towards the future. It’s still currently a prototype but is expected to continue development until its ready. Here are some specifications of the current developer kit that will probably blow your mind:

  • Full 1080p HD display
  • Over 90 degrees field of vision plus 360 vision
  • 100 hertz of tracking
  • Fully adjustable
  • Works even with glasses on
  • Three meter working volume
  • Supports custom wireless headsets/headphones

But did you know that “Morpheus” isn’t a reference to The Matrix character, but the Greek god of dreams? It's okay, I didn’t know either until I read about it. Sony knows they are a direct competitor with Oculus VR’s Oculus Rift, a similar device. However, Sony believes their device will be the preferred medium to use and may be used for other applications in other industries. In fact, they even partnered with NASA to create a demo so people can feel like they’re walking on the surface of Mars.

Sony is quite ambitious as they dream of their device sitting by the coffee table, giving the user an opportunity to quickly take a break and go into “VR mode” with ease. Apparently auto-adjusting capabilities will be added in the future, which is pretty cool.VR is kind of exciting because a lot of new things have to be considered like 3D sound, higher resolution and frame rates, crisper images, and minimal lag or latency. Sony has been working on this project for over three years and have already made many partnerships along the way to bring their revolutionary device to light. They even had the God of War team develop a headset that would allow the user to “become” Kratos. Damn, that’s awesome!

Xbox One Rumored to Port World of Tanks

The latest Xbox One future release may have an expansion pack that will makes it the ideal console to play World of Tanks. After the 8.9 release of the platform of the game you play on makes an incredible difference in just how much you are going to enjoy the game.

The Historic Expansions and Freemium Features

As World of Tanks has expanded, more and more historic re-enactments have been added to the combat arenas that players can compete in. While it may seem like coding in a historic battlefield would be easier to do then creating one in outer space, the opposite is true. This is why for many players who choose to play for free only, and not to take advantage of the “freemium” options, the historic battlefields are more advantageous. If you are playing according to the rules of history, then the customization of your tanks has to be in accordance as well – this makes a lot of the premium only upgrades invalid on the field.

Why Now for Xbox?

Like every gaming platform, Xbox One has had its “bad year,” the bad year is now officially over and the latest version is ready to deliver some of the best gaming around.. The Xbox One gaming system provides innovative gaming technologies and it is the home system for some of the most popular games around – such as World of Tanks. The new upgrade package that is released with Xbox One lets it support the freemium and free features of World of Tanks easily.

What the Upgrade Will Bring

The 2014 upgrade package delivers features to the Xbox platform that enhance your game play. These upgrades include Blu-ray capability, low power indicators for your controllers and the ability to make mobile purchases. The range of apps available for the Xbox One now includes some of the biggest names in entertainment and sports.

Microsoft closed the Xbox Studios because they finally realized that to get the original and quality content they wanted to deliver, they need to focus on the platform and let independent and third party content creators do what they do best. You can now see YouTube, Hulu, Amazon movies, Netflix and Redbox media right on your Xbox One system. They also expanded its VOIP capabilities allowing for better gaming communication, and to make and receive calls using Skype.

World of Tanks isn’t just ideally suited for the Xbox One graphics system and hardware, but it also makes solid use of the communication features that are built into the platform. If you are engaged in the Team Building mode of the game, then staying in real time contact is essential. Xbox One can plug into the stores easily so you can make in game purchases to access freemium features while you are upgrading and customizing your tanks too. For a home system to play on, the new Xbox One offers some of the best support around for serious players of the game.

What You Can Do With Minecraft?

minecraft dragon

Minecraft is a revolutionary open world game that isn’t based on a simple objective. The players have the freedom of going anywhere and doing anything they want. One popular thing to do is to build structures in Creative mode. By working together with other players online, marvelous creations such as grand castles and space ships have emerged. Such creations have been spotlighted on popular news outlets and social media like YouTube videos. People could certainly gain a lot of satisfaction after completing such an accomplishment. Minecraft isn’t just about building things, but killing things as well! PvP is such a popular game mode where you go out and try to defeat other players. How cool would it be to have a mod where you are an aspiring musician who can make music in Minecraft? You must keep playing music or else the monsters will come out and try to kill you. You will have a time limit and will run out of notes to play unless you find certain ores.

I’ve been thinking about this mod for quite some time now. I would have a lot of redstone circuits connected to each other such that it corresponds to the standard sheet music notation with six lines. On the top left hand side I will have two nodes for the time signature where you can place blocks to represent the quarter note. You would have to ensure that the correct time signature is set or no music will play. Upon travelling further down the sheet music, the player will want to find more ores like diamond, iron or the obsidian to prolong the music. But the first step in making this work is to find a strong Minecraft server and buying that can handle a ton of redstone circuits. After a week of testing, I have figured out how to set it up properly. The players can start playing the music by jumping into a minecart that will slowly travel through the sheet music. When the cart stops, the music stops and more ores will be required. Players will have to transfer to another cart to reach the spot to play a different tune with the same speed.

If time runs out, you must be very careful. With some of rule resources, the players would rely on the crafting system for preparing everything that they need for defense. From the commencement, the musician has to get everything from water to bows, including farm animals, swords, armor, shelter and most of all, food. If all of the players have no more resources, then the game resets. If the game resets and no one is able to play music, then participants can just mess around and kill each other, or venture into the monsters’ land to continue to shield themselves the monsters with fortresses.

Compared with the common video gaming, every time you play Minecraft (click to play at, you are likely to be sent to even another location due to the game’s RNG. The uniquely generated world will never be found anywhere else, ever. Quite plainly, the replay value is dramatically increased due to this fact.