Subway Surfers is the ultimate chase game developed by Kiloo and SYBO games. You get to play as a kid named Jack who is a constant troublemaker and now he is left with no option but to run eldlessly to avoid getting caught by the inspector and his loyal dog.

You can surf in the Subway Surfers without using any Subway Surfers hack. You can play using different characters. However, you have to unlock these characters first. You can unlock Dino by simply connecting your Facebook account with the game. For all other characters, you will either have to spend coins or collect certain items during the game.

When playing Subway Surfers, you can surf using hoverboards or using the default method. Hoverboards give you advantage as if you are using a Subway Surfers hack. You can bump into an obstacle without worrying about getting caught and your character runs at faster speed. However, hoverboards last only 30 seconds. You can activate a hoverboard by double tapping on the screen.

To continue running in the game, you will have to dodge, jump over or roll under the obstacles and trains. If you hit an obstacle, you will slow down and the chasing inspector and his dog will catch you. However, if you know a Subway Surfers hack or two, you can easily avoid getting caught for a long time.

The best way to avoid obstacles is to make use of powerups. Powerups can be collected while playing the game. Some powerups take you above the track while others give you some sort of special ability to tackle the game difficulty. Some powerups will simply help you collect more coins. You can upgrade all the powerups that appear in the game by upgrading them from Upgrade screen. You will need to spend coins to upgrade your powerups.